News: Pinnacle declares ‘winners welcome’ on World Cup final

Updated: July 9, 2014

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In an era where Australian punters can be restricted to placing bets for relatively small amounts (if not being cut-off entirely), international online gaming operator Pinnacle Sports has announced it is to accept bets of up to USD $1 million on the final of football’s 2014 FIFA World Cup between Germany and Argentina.

Punters are able to place the maximum bet over and over again while winners can also return to bet unrestricted under Pinnacle’s ‘Winners Welcome’ policy. Aly Lalani, marketing director of Pinnacle Sports, said the limits are not merely a publicity stunt.

“Our $1 million World Cup final limits aren’t hype. We fully expect existing players to test them to the max. And for all other high-rollers out there looking for sky-high liquidity and the best potential return for the World Cup final, Pinnacle Sports really are your only serious choice,” Lalani said.

“The common sign-up incentives other bookmakers offer – like free bets and deposit bonuses – are a false economy. They are packed with terms and conditions, which limit their value. Knowing your account at Pinnacle Sports won’t be limited if you keep winning beats any phony sign-up incentive.

“If you are a consistently profitable player at other online bookmakers, you will find your stakes limited, or in some cases your account closed. Clearly everyone who bets aspires to be profitable, so there is a huge disincentive to opening an account with a bookmaker that operates this policy. Crucially, you won’t find this advertised alongside their sign-up incentives.”

Pinnacle Sports opening market for the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina has the Europeans -0.5-goal favourites at $1.97 and $2.31 to win in normal time. Argentina is priced at $3.31 to win in normal time with the draw at $3.50. The game total is listed at 2; the ‘under’ is $2.02 while the ‘over’ is $1.90.


Note: TIW reminds readers that it is illegal for Pinnacle Sports and other offshore operators to offer their services to Australian customers. However, Pinnacle Sports and the majority of other sites based outside Australia readily accept Australian customers.


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