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Updated: January 21, 2014


Welcome to The Inside Word – the newest source of information and advice relating to racing and sports betting. The idea for The Inside Word emerged from a simple question: why would anyone take betting advice from a bookie? The modern era of sports betting has created an unusual relationship between mainstream media operators and corporate bookmakers.

The sports pages of Australia’s daily newspapers even hand over paid space to bookmakers to provide ‘informed commentary’ – do you really want to be listening to betting advice from the person who’s attempting to profit from your losses? It’s from that background that the concept for The Inside Word emerged.

Sports and racing fanatics have never had it better. Whether you’re sitting at home watching the TV or out and about with your smartphone, fans can watch just about any major sport on the planet. The modern sports fan is also more engaged than ever before. More than 1.7 million Australians have placed a bet on a race or sporting event in the past 12 months, reflecting a willingness to profit from this information.

But the ‘old world’ mainstream media has failed to grasp the demand for these engaged racing and sports fans. Expert ‘tipsters’ aren’t much help as there’s no mechanism to reward them for making good decisions, or punish them for making poor decisions. Aside from the handful of media http://successessay.co.uk/ figures who make a positive contribution to the quality of coverage, most provide irrelevant content meaningless to the outcome of the contest.

The Inside Word is building a community of sports fanatics and casual punters and arming them with the tools to turn their knowledge into money. We will also provide insightful and independent commentary about the local and international sports betting scene along with strategies/tips to assist punters in their decision-making process.

Our team, led by experienced sports journalist-turned-sports bettor Sean Callander, has expertise across a range of sports and racing. From the major football codes, both locally and internationally, to elite sporting events nationally and across the globe, we will offer advice and strategies to ensure you have the best opportunity to profit from our combined bank of information.

Most importantly, The Inside Word will focus on the key pillars of racing and sports betting that separate the 98 per cent of losing punters from the two per cent of profitable punters – namely value, research, finding the best price and bankroll management. But it’s not all stats and figures – we plan to have plenty of fun along the way, with exclusive events and seminars for those who sign-up for our membership packages.

Never forget that this is a bloody tough game. Your mates may brag of snagging a big winner here or there, but the profits are generally reinvested and lost before you can say ‘bonus bet’. We make no guarantees – no-one can in this game – but we commit to providing quality and enlightening information to maximise your chances of ending the day, the week, the month and the year in the black.

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